"As Director of the Fylde Folk Festival, I receive hundreds of CD's every year from artists seeking work. Occasionally, one band, group or singer, stands out from the rest. ANNA SHANNON is one of these. I find her refreshing approach to performing her own songs, very absorbing. As a singer songwriter, Anna writes and sings with clarity. Her tunes are perfect vehicles for the lyrics. Anna Shannon is a very observant songwriter with a very good voice indeed. We will hear more of Anna in the years to come."

- Alan Bell


"Anna Shannon is a singer / songwriter of the highest calibre. Her songs are written with passion and perception and reflect the many different aspects of life. Her performance of these songs is not only compelling but captures an audience's thoughts and imagination. She draws from a wide range of subjects and these present a vivid picture of life in it's many and varied contexts. Her thoughtful and imaginative guitar accompaniment is a true match to these fine songs."
- Martyn Wyndham-Read


"She has a really innovative approach to songwriting, her work is melodic and extremely interesting; the strength of her vocal delivery took me completely by surprise. Her lyrics carry precise story lines wrapped in just the right amount of imagery and her guitar work is so much more than accompaniment, rather it is an integral part of each song."
- Mike Silver


"Twice in the last few months I have had the honour of sharing the stage with with Anna Shannon, She's a truly fine multi instumentalist, a great singer and as far as I'm concerned, a major songwriting talent. The clubs and festivals are yearning for what she has to offer!"
- Vin Garbutt


Anna's fast becoming everyone's favourite songwriter around these parts, and she's a welcome and immensely popular addition to the bill of any festival or folk event. She's genuinely (and modestly) multi-talented, and enviably prolific – as her ever-expanding discography proves.
- David Kidman

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